Safety in packs, cycle like a fish ??

by George Fox July 17, 2014

Taking a closer look at the unfortunate events to Mark Cavendish this past Tour, one has to wonder if there is anything we can do to reduce the risk of injury in competitive cycling. Ariel views make me think of schools of fish weaving through the sea, everything seems in perfect unison until one error dominoes through to the pack leaving sometimes quite horrific damage in it’s wake.

Yet in spite of such high risks, cyclists continue to compete this way, be it aero advantage or just keeping up with the pack is there not a better solution ready to work?

The currently potential solution falls invalid. Long distance road cycling is hard and hot work, so who would cover themselves in loads of pads and supports no matter how Uber the level of protection is, especially when looking at foam or shell solutions as the heat return to the body would be unbearable in the summer.

So it’s preferable to go without, this gets alarm bells ringing for me and maybe there is something else that could be done to prevent these clips / collisions happening in the first place. In a completely ideal and magic/non-scientific world! Maybe the same parameter sensors fitted in certain luxury cars could adapt to cyclists, almost creating a magnetic “push” when you get too close, if everyone is fitted then any sudden movement would ripple through the pack, almost like observing our fish from earlier on.

Right then, off to the drawing board !!!!

George Fox
George Fox


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